SchinkenMoon's English<>German Translation

I provide accurate quality translations in a wide range of disciplines, where knowledge and fluency are paramount. Translation is more than literal, so making sure you or your recipient fully understand the text is most important. As an experienced translator I guarantee human translations, i.e. I don't use online translators or translation software; all translations are based on my professional abilities and will be delivered to any agreed deadline. Get your free quote by sending your file via email to
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SchinkenMoon's German Tutoring & Lessons  

As part of my teaching experience, I tutored and taught German as a foreign language at the Swiss language school inlingua, situated at the Krefeld branch Germany, where I was also responsible for test and exam preparation, and was registered as a qualified TestDaF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache) examiner.

By booking your lesson, you will gain the necessary skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking, only then can you be sure you’ve made a worthwhile investment. Relevant feedbacks will be provided on a regular basis, so you can see your progress and learning success. However, my students’ enjoyment has priority right from the start.

Apart from the very beginners, I always consider the language level as well as the required learning content, because in my experience they positively lead my students to their training success more efficiently and definitely more motivated! Whether you choose the traditional one-to-one tuition, or your personal circumstances require distant learning via Skype, or a mix of both would suit your life style; I can cater for all your needs and wishes. My suggestion to pass my grading test helps students find the right course level, especially for advanced learners. If your time schedule leaves little scope, why not choosing from my selection of Instant Grading Tests for all levels? It will take 13 minutes and insures you make a worthwhile investment.

For more information, please phone+44 (0) 1493 728794 or use the contact form




The name was created by one of my former colleagues who realised the bilingual potential of my surname Hammond. The literal translation of "Ham" is "Schinken" in German, and "Mond" means "Moon" in English, and from then on my nickname SchinkenMoon developed into my brand name. This anecdote shows in a humorous way that the ability to speak a foreign language ensures better understanding and agreement, particularly in a multinational environment. Global communication is essential in business, but even more rewarding and enriching in social life.