English <> German Translation & Proofreading

Core Competences

Worldwide German-English Translation & Proofreading 

  • Translation & proofreading of private and business correspondence

  • Translation & proofreading of annual reports / financial reports / business reports 

  • Translation & proofreading of any kind of thesis within these specialist fields:

  1. Business Economics

  2. Law

  3. Political Sciences

  4. Social Sciences

  5. Education

  6. Philosophy

  7. Psychology

  8. Medical Science
  • Translation & proofreading of articles from newspapers, magazines and specialist journals

  • Website translation & proofreading 
  • Translation & proofreading of advertising & marketing material

  • Proofreading of novels, non-fiction and specialist books

  • Book translations (novels / specialist books) are only available from English into German.


Send your file via email to susanne.hammond@schinkenmoon.co.uk and get your free quote today, or ask for more information by phoning +44 (0) 1493 728794 or by using the contact form


References, including but not restricted to;


Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH Krefeld, Germany (commercial arm of the city council); translation of marketing and advertising material

IAC Group (automotive), Krefeld, Germany; job profile and general business translation

Ashland Inc. (chemicals and plastics), Krefeld, Germany; legal translation, general business translation, interpreting

H2U aqua.plan.Ing-GmbH (water treatment), Krefeld, Germany; CV translation / proofreading and translation of specialist publications

Live & Learn Hoonsh, Krefeld, Germany; translation of annual accounts, management reports, internal business documents, marketing translation, technical translation, website content translation, legal translation 

Cobra UK Automotive Products Division Ltd, Welshpool, UK; patent translation, technical translation

KeTech Group Ltd (train & rail systems), Nottingham, UK; legal translation

Odyssey Group Ltd. (insurance company), Isle of Man, UK; legal translation, policy document translation

Law School of the University of Innsbruck, Austria; specialist article translation for the Federal Law Gazette, specialist and EU report translation, translation of articles regarding employment law

SEBES Syndicat des Eaux du Barrage à Esch-sur-Sûre (drinking water network), Luxembourg; Translation of Dossiér Général, Disposition technique, Cover letter for Tender

NAIS GmbH (water treatment), Langweid am Lech, Germany; translation of advertising material

Nordlicht Magazin (local advertising newspaper), Krefeld, Germany; proofreading and editorial work

Seidenweber Magazin (local advertising newspaper), Krefeld, Germany; proofreading and editorial work

Schmidt Overländer (marketing agency), Krefeld, Germany; proofreading and editorial work regarding marketing material

Peter Ustinov Stiftung (Peter Ustinov Trust), Dusseldorf, Germany; project proofreading and editorial work

Aranes GmbH (Web Design), Regensburg, Germany; proofreading of marketing material

Optik Ernst (opticians), Krefeld, Germany; proofreading and editorial work regarding marketing material and general newsletters